Portability of image files

It is not uncommon for GardenCAD users to report that their images do not show when they move a drawing from one computer to another. This happens a lot in our local TAFE college where students work on a drawing in class and then take it home to work on it again on their home computer.

If you move drawings around, it is important to take care because the software can lose track of the location of your image (library). The figure below shows a typical result.

Lost path

You can easily overcome this problem by keeping your photos in a named folder (we suggest calling it Photos) which you keep under the GardenCAD folder. When you take a drawing to a foreign computer, take the photos folder as well as the drawing itself and make sure that it is placed in the same location as the original.


Movie  Here is a link to a movie that shows how to cope with that potential problem.