Installation of GardenCAD on Windows computers differs from installation on Macintosh computers. To find out more about installing GardenCAD in your operating system, please select the appropriate instructions from the 'Installing GardenCAD' list at the right (and repeated below)

Computer specification

GardenCAD makes few demands on computer resources. Any computer capable of running Windows (XP, Vista,Windows 7 or 8) will be adequate for running GardenCAD. A reasonable specification would be an Intel Core Duo, 4 GB of RAM, 500 GB of storage capacity. The graphics card can be shared in memory although dedicated graphics is better. Most computers sold commercially in the $AUD 750-$1000 bracket, are more than adequate for running GardenCAD. We favour the use of a Logitech mouse with GardenCAD, rather than cheaper mice.

Don't forget that the processor on a Mac must be Intel based and that you will need a copy of a Windows emulator such as Crossover to run GardenCAD on a Mac.