Printing - feet and inches


There are two basic methods of printing a GardenCAD drawing: a simple methods straight from the 'Model' - model space or a more complex method from a 'Pages 'layout.

Movie  This movie shows how to make a simple print of the drawing shown below from the Model onto a letter size piece of paper.

Model space

It is a good idea to preview how a site layout (mud map) drawing might look on the standard sheets in your printer. In the US, a printer attached to a personal computer might take sheets 8.5 inches by 11 inches in size. The drawing shown below is of a large site, some 300 feet by 250 feet. The movie links below show how to preview a print. Comment is also made about using triangulation to accurately locate points in the garden.


Movie This movie show how printing a mud map drawing of a site prior to locating species. Comment is also made about locating points accurately using triangulation.

Movie Here is a link to a YouTube version of the same movie.