Design for a space 27 ft square

Here is a design for a space 27 ft square. Click on the image to download a high resolution PDF file of the design. Right click and use Marquee zoom to magnify parts of the design. Note the use of GardenCAD's image load facility to put illustrations of the type of garden furniture specified. We have used one of GardenCAD's hand lettered fonts to move away from a computer generated image.

Click here to download the actual GardenCAD drawing file.

Using this design in other jobs

If you store drawings such as this in your blocks folder, you can use the Draw>Insert combination to drop the design into any new space. Explode the block and 'tweak' it to suit your own purposes.

Note that here we have (deliberately) not shown any planting. Place symbols and customize the panting for your particular locality.

Design for space 27 ft by 27 ft