North indicators

An important indicator that's required in a landscape plan is a symbol showing the direction of north.

When using GardenCAD software, this symbol should be inserted into model space (not layout space) and aligned with true north. We suggest that this should be done early in design work as the direction of north will strongly influence design decisions. The figure below shows some examples of suitable north indicators drawn using GardenCAD.

North points

Download some files

North Point 1


Click here to download the symbol for north point 1.

We suggest that you store the symbol in your My Documents>GardenCAD>blocks folder where it will be available (as an block insert) during any design session. Draw>Insert Block>From File to insert a copy in any GardenCAD drawing.

Tip  Making a symbol with a combination of a scale bar with a north indicator is a great time saving idea.

North point 2

North 2

Click here to download north point 2

North point 3


Click here to download north point 3