Here is a design (courtesy TooKoo Landscape Design, a GardenCAD user) for the entrance and front garden for a typical detached dwelling.

Figure 1 shows a view of the total design. A curving path links the driveway entrance and letter box with the front door of the house. Note how the path expands in width as it nears the house and steps leading to the verandah. A second curving path gives a visitor an opportunity to examine the garden proper and leaves space for a 'lawn' of prostrate Myoporum parvifolium, an Australian native species which requires little water.

Front Garden Entrance

Figure 2 (below) shows a more highly magnified view of the design. Note the clarity of the GardenCAD symbols.

Front View 2

Figure 3 shows the legend. The designer has chosen symbols from the GardenCAD library to match as closely as possible the plants specied in the design. In this way, there is no need to clutter up the GadrenCAD drawing with lots of text.


Formal design for front entrance