RMO symbol set

Where a particular style of hand drafting has been developed and especially when that style has been established in a design practice, it is worth developing some of your own text styles and custom symbols in GardenCAD. Here is a an example of a nicely drawn hand drawn plan in a recognizable style (with feet as the base unit and a scale of 1: 40 feet), courtesy of O'Reilly Landscape Design, a GardenCAD user based in Buda, Texas.

Hand drawn plan

Hand drawn

In order to continue this well developed style for RMO's design practice, a series of text styles and symbols was developed to match as far as possible, the hand drawn examples shown above.

Text styles

An important part of a drafter's style is the use of lettering. A new text style was created to match the hand drawn style as closely as possible. The text inside the ellipse below has been applied using a special GardenCAD font.

RMO text style

Tip  Hand lettering can be converted to TrueType fonts using this free program: http://www.freefontconverter.com/

Output from GardenCAD

The image below shows a typical drawing produced using these symbols and printed from GardenCAD. Download the drawing file (by clicking on the image) to gain access to all of the blocks here (blocks are stored in the drawing file).

Hand drawn plan

Custom symbols

18 foot tree

Perennial 04

SightLineSightline AnnualsAnnuals 30FtClumpClump with shadow



MatureTreeMature Tree


Alberta Spruce

2 shrubs

3FootShrub06 Clump 4 rid

The hand drawn example above features a faint blue grid as a backdrop. This was simulated by creating a block containing rows of lines and columns spaced at 5 foot centers. In the image below, we have placed that grid on a layer at the bottom of the stacking order of layers. It is a subtle effect, very close to the hand drawn example.

Final output

Grid 2

Grid 3