GardenCAD and AutoCAD

The operation of GardenCAD is quite similar to that of AutoCAD. Both applications are command driven programs and commands such as COPY, INSERT, LINE, ARC, POLYLINE etc. work in exactly the same way in both programs. The drawing interface (appearance of the screen when working with the program) is different. GardenCAD has a much simpler (and we believe cleaner) interface than current versions of AutoCAD. It is closer to versions of AutoCAD released in the early 1990's than it is to the current release of AutoCAD.

The big difference between AutoCAD and GardenCAD is their drawing file format. GardenCAD drawing files have the suffix .vec while AutoCAD drawings have the suffix .dwg. The GardenCAD file format is much smaller and for the same information, an AutoCAD drawing will be 2-3 times larger in file size. The cost is also substantially different. The cheapest version of AutoCAD costs $1000.00, while GardenCAD costs $50.00.

Students who have learned to draft with GardenCAD should have no difficulty working in an office where AutoCAD is the preferred drafting tool.