Designing a logo for a landscape design & construction company

Let's imagine that we were establishing a landscape design business called Jade Landscape Construction Services and that we specialized in designing traditional Japanese and Chinese gardens. We need a logo.

One way to do that is to take photos of elements that indicate that flavor. We might have a favorite piece of Jade or an image from a well loved garden of that style.



Start GardenCAD and use the polyline command to trace over the outline of interesting shapes in your images. 

Logo trace

Once enough geometry has been created, remove the image files.


Either of the images is a candidate (or a combination?), especially if the dragon is filled and the garden house mirrored.

Logo 3

Because the vector images (the polyline traces) have been placed on different layers and the properties of the polylines set BYLAYER, it is easy to test some different color combinations.

Logo 4

Next we need to add the text describing the company name. Again, it is a good idea to do that on a separate layer.

Since much oriental writing uses complex calligraphy, we have chose a calligraphy text font.

Add some text and try a few alternatives.

Logo 5

Once a choice has been made (it is a good thing to run a small competition to choose the best logo design), it is time to incorporate the logo into a title block for CAD work. Don't forget that you can save (export) a raster version of the logo directly from GardenCAD.

Your drafting standard will specify the size and arrangement of the title block. The Australian standard for technical drafting (AS1100) does just that.

Here is an example of one possible arrangement of the block now including our new logo.

Title block

Test the new logo and title block on a sheet size normally used by your practice.


A2 sheet

It is a good idea at this point to assign line weights to rule off parts of the block (for example, the sheet border was given a thickness of 0.5 mm).

Next it makes sense to create a block of the border, set up a page layout or two and paste the block into the page.

page layout

Create as many sheets as you think you will need. Save the drawing in the My documents>GardenCAD>Templates folder and use it on all new jobs, a great time saver as everything is ready for you to get to work, concentrating on design not on CAD details.