Plant lists from Excel

There are a number of different methods that can be used to place a plant schedule in a drawing. GardenCAD tools allow tagging of symbols and automatic generation of a list. There are however times when plant schedules prepared in Excel are needed in plans. This paper describes the steps to take if you want to put a plant list developed in Excel into a drawing.

Step 1. Export (print) the relevant zone in the spreadsheet from the Excel spreadsheet to a PDF file. (remember to set a print zone around the desired area)

List in Excel

Step 2. Save the file and convert to an image file such as PNG using an online conversion service such as the one shown below.


Here is the converted image as a PNG file in Photoshop. You could use other image editors such as GIMP to view the file. Once the list is in that form, it can be inserted into a gCAD+ drawing.

PNG file

Plant list

Step 3. Now insert the list into either model space or layout space using the Draw>Insert Raster tool.

Although the result may look a little grainy on the screen, the resultant PDF is of good quality. Click on the image below to download and view the PDF file.

Excel list


A (simpler) alternative to the above is to copy the Excel spreadsheet (onto the clipboard) and then paste into MS Paint and then save as jpg or png.  That saves a step in the process. We have not compared that approach to the method outlined above. We suspect that the quality of the pasted image may not be quite as good.