Hand render base plan

You may wish to use GardenCAD to lay out base plans, print to a sheet at a defined scale and hand render. This note sets out the steps to do that.

Here is a typical base drawing. Note that we have included some dimensions and a scale. The house is 74 feet wide.

Base 01

Option 1: Print from model space

The simplest way to print this drawing such as this (to a fixed scale) is to turn off layer L-DIMENSION removing the dimension lines from view.

Tip: Better to leave the scale bar on as a double check in the finished drawing.

Now choose File>Print.

In this case, we will imagine that a print is required on an architectural C size sheet so a printer an page is chosen.

(I have chosen a PDF writer rather than direct printing).


I chose the Window option and set a box around the area of interest. Note that the scale shows as 1 inch to 3.8175 drawing units. That is 1 inch to 3.8175 feet.

Take off the scale to fit button and type the desired value.

An Imperial scale of 1/4" to 1 foot can be typed as 0.25 (1/4 of inch) in one box and 1 (the foot) in the other.

The result is as shown below.


Working in metric

The following table shows the values to be typed in the scale field of the properties box to achieve desired Imperial scales. The values in the column at left enable a conversion from a drawing in decimal feet to a plot on a metric piece of paper (1 foot is close to 300 mm [exact 304.8) e.g 192/300 = 64

Suggested value to type in Print Scale box Scale 1/x USA notation
0.04 1/12 1" to 1 foot
0.08 1/24 1/2" to 1 foot
0.16 1/48 1/4" to 1 foot
0.32 1/96 1/8" to 1 foot
0.64 1/192 1/16" to 1 foot

Here is the result in preview at a scale of 1/48 [1/4" to 1 foot]