Plot USA sheets to fixed scales

The figure below shows a GardenCAD drawing developed for a site in Atlanta, USA.
In order to present this design on a USA size sheet (ANSI C size) at a fixed scale, we need to take the following steps:
1. Select the finished design including text labels..
2. Right click and make a block of the selected entities. We recommend giving the block a meaningful name (TotalLandscapeView)
3. Create a layout page with an ANSI C size sheet in landscape view.
4. Switch to the Page and insert the block into the sheet at an appropriate scale factor (see the table below)
(If the block does not quite fit, change the scale value via Properties.
Discussion - first make some checks
As a first step, we check that the drawing is using decimal feet as the base unit. The simplest way to do that is to insert a scale bar suited to USA conditions. The figure below shows one that's 5 foot long and divided into segments.
Scale bar
Using osnap intersection we find the beginning and end of the first (nominally 1 foot) segment and GardenCAD reports a length of 1 unit (1 foot). This confirms that the design is full size in model space and that the base units are decimal feet. Further confirmation that GardenCAD has been well used.

The site measures approximately 35 units (feet) across, but the distance from the text at left to the text at right is nearer to 95 feet. If we plot onto a C size sheet that's 22 inches wide (approx. 1.8 feet), we are going to need a scale factor somewhere near 95/1.8 i.e. 1/48 or perhaps 1/64.

The table below shows the scale factors to use for common USA notation 

Scale 1/x USA notation Suggested factor to scale block
1/12 1" to 1 foot 25.4
1/24 1/2" to 1 foot 12.7
1/48 1/4" to 1 foot 6.35
1/64 3/16" to 1 foot 4.76
1/96 1/8" to 1 foot 3.175
1/192 1/16" to 1 foot 1.587

Here is the final result at a scale of 1/96