Managing color in GardenCAD drawings

It is easy to become confused about how color is applied in landscape drawings.

Using color  You have three choices on how the color, linetype, and lineweight properties of entities behave when a block reference is inserted.This movie discusses the various ways color and lineweight can be controlled in GardenCAD drawings.

Option 1: Objects in the block inherit color, linetype, and lineweight properties from the color, linetype, and lineweight assigned to the current layer only. 

Tip: Before you create objects to be included in the block definition, set the current layer to 0, and set the current color, linetype, and lineweight to BYLAYER.

Option 2: Objects in the block do not inherit color, linetype, and lineweight properties from the current settings. The properties of objects in the block do not change regardless of the current settings.

Tip: Set the color, linetype, and lineweight properties individually for each object before the block is created: do not use BYBLOCK or BYLAYER color, linetype, and lineweight settings when creating these objects.

Option 3: Objects inherit color, linetype, and lineweight properties from the current color, linetype, and lineweight drawing settings that you have set explicitly - you have set to override the color, linetype, or lineweight assigned to the current layer. .

Tip: To use this method of block definition, before the block is made, set the current color or linetype of entities in the block to BYBLOCK.

To understand the use of this feature, you need to remember that when placing drawing entities in GardenCAD, you can assign any colour to that object by setting colour on properties panel, which is placed on home tab by default. If you change the colour on properties panel while no command is active, this will be the assigned colour for all following entity. If you chose green, all objects will be green, no matter what is the current layer and the colour assigned to that layer. If you change such objects layer, it will be still green and you will have no clue what layer is that object on. This can lead to bad practice and causes too much trouble when you need to make change in such drawing. Hence, the good practice is to leave colour, lineweight and linetype property to ByLayer.

If, for some special reason, you need to control the appearance (let’s say colour) of some part of the block, you can assign ByBlock value to that part of the block, which really means that this part of the block doesn't have any value assigned until it’s inserted in drawing.