Text styles

GardenCAD allows you to define particular text styles. 

Using text styles  This small movie shows how to define and use a text style in a GardenCAD drawing.

Text styles

As mentioned in the movie, a text style has a name and a CAD font file plus a Windows font file associated with it. The figure below shows the text styles dialog box with the settings for a style called HAND highlighted.

New style

A wide range of text styles can be created using Windows fonts already installed in your computer or delivered with GardenCAD, but we favor the use of a restricted set of styles for each job. Using many different fonts in a drawing can detract from the presentation. We aim to settle on a single text style, making sure that the one style (using a hand written font) becomes our 'signature' style for labeling our drawings.

Create a text style

If you select Text Styles from the format drop down menu, you will be able to examine the current text styles associated with the drawing you are working on and create new styles.

Remember, GardenCAD is capable of inserting text drawn with a CAD font or alternatively text can be drawn with a Windows TrueType font.

(Under CrossOver Windows text is not possible).