Photo Indicator

Instead of pasting photographs of plants around the edge of a site layout in pages view, we prefer to print the landscape plan at its maximum possible scale (of course compatible with the approved Standard Scales in operation in your country 1:20, 1:50, 1:100 etc.) and use the symbol shown below to indicate that the client will find a photo of the plant you have specified in a separate display sheet.


Movie  Here is a link to a YouTube movie showing how this symbol might be used.

The figure below shows that we have linked several different species to the indicator and added a number that will be used in a subsequent 'Pages' display sheet.

Indicator in use

The image below shows an assemblage of photos from the Pages palette linking the plant to its image. All the client needs to do to, is look at the landscape plan, identify the plant of interest and refer to the photo sheet(s).

The plan itself is able to be printed at a reasonable scale and is not cluttered with photos.


If you wanted to display large photos for each plant, a separate display sheet could be produced for each plant. Numbering the sheets 1,2,3 etc. would make location straightforward.

Download  Here is a link to download a copy of the symbol used to indicate that a photo of the chosen plant species will be placed on another sheet.