Tall Tree Symbols

Here we provide symbols that might be used to indicate the position of a tall tree in a landscape design cretaed using GardenCAD. Each symbol is a larger diameter than the normal GardenCAD standard - 3 meters in diameter rather than 1 meter, is lightly drawn and in a faint colour such that understory planting shows clearly through the canopy of these specimens.] Rather than placing a symbol (1 meter in diameter) and scaling it after insertion, these symbols can be placed directly in the plan with the need for rescaling.


The figure below shows an example of these symbols in use (with some corresponding small tree symbols) in a design for a contemplative space in a garden.

Upper canopy example

If it is necessary to show the trees symbols with more clarity, simply change the line weight of the layer the symbol is drawn on (one click is all that's required).

Change thickness

Tall Tree 1

 Click here to download the Vec file for the first of these symbols. Download

Tall Tree 2

Click here to download the Vec file for the second symbol in the series.Download


We will add links to the other shortly.