Select Entities

This page lists some brief notes on various GardenCAD tips and tricks.

[Most of these tips are illustrated in short movies in the course 'Using GardenCAD - CAD software for landscape designers' at our companion web site -]

Selecting entities

To unselect an object, press the <Shift> key and pick the object again.

Display lineweights

Press <Ctrl>+T to switch display of lineweights mode.

Display Raster/Vector

<Ctrl>+R switches visibility of raster and vector objects.

Polyline edit

When drawing a polyline, right click mouse button and select options from a new pop up menu.

It is possible via Options to turn the scroll bars on. We do not recommend this as you lose too much screen area. It is much better to learn to pan by holding the wheeel of the mouse down (and keeping it down) while you drag. This provides a very good way of panning the drawing without the need to use scroll bars.