Polar Tracking

Polar tracking and the ability to set a grid, are two important drafting aids available to GardenCAD users. Setting (say) a 600 mm grid and snapping (jumping) to points on the electronic grid can speed drafting. However, if you run polar tracking on at the same time as snapping to a grid, the two clash! Polar tracking gives you the ability to type distances and head off in a required angle when you are (say) drawing a line or moving an entity, whereas the grid and snap tools enables your cursor to jump to grid points. Do not run them together; you will confuse yourself and GardenCAD!



Another view of tracking

One of the most powerful features of GardenCAD is its tracking option. This tool allows you to draw horizontal or vertical lines with ease and precision. Not only can GardenCAD draw lines orthogonal to one another (and at 45 degrees and other standard angluar increments) but it is also possible to create your own drawing angle and draw othogonal to it. Tracking in GardenCAD Pro is turned on by default. To control the activity of tracking (toggling it on or off), double click on the tracking button and the distance buttons on the status line at the bottom of the screen. Don't forget that you can set a special tracking angle as a supplementary value. This is especially useful if (say) the house is twisted on the block and you want to work at right angles to the house.

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