Layer Control

It is possible to control the order of layers in a GardenCAD drawing such that (say) a tall tree layer is on top, an understory layer next followed by (say) a paving layer. In this way, it is possible to create quite complex graphics. The figure below shows a number of layers associated with a particular design job. Since a single layer (or groups of layers) can be turned on or off as required, different plans can be generated from  the one master drawing to suit different trades.


  MovieHere is a link to a short movie showing how this is done. You need Windows Media Player installed in your computer to download and play the high resolution movie. Please make sure the close option in the download box is ticked not otherwise you may well download the file, but not play it. You want the option of selecting Open at the end of the download.

Movie  Here is a link to another movie that covers much the same ground.