Installing GardenCAD (Windows)

Two different versions of GardenCAD exist - one for users in the USA [GardenCAD Imperial] and one for users in the rest of the world - GardenCAD Metric. 

Installation steps (Windows environment)
The download delivers a single installation file (which will have a file name similar to GardenCADSetup.exe orGardenCAdMetricSetup, GardenCAD3.exe). We suggest saving the downloaded file to your desk top. After downloading, right click and check the file size. It should be somewhere near that shown below. [The precise size will vary as we are adding new versions of GardenCAD on a regular basis.
File size

To install the program, start Windows Explorer or the Your Computer tool, go to the desk top and locate the downloaded file double click on it to run, accept our license agreement (which basically says that you will use the program on one computer only, and not give away copies of the program) and GardenCAD will be installed. Start the program by clicking on the desktop shortcut.

Problems with the download and installation of GardenCAD

Relatively few problems have been reported with the download.

1. Norton Utilities blocks file

On three occasions, users have reported that they are unable to double click the file and that Norton Utilities has blocked access to the file because it senses a problem with the Exe installation file. You can either tell Norton Utilities to let the file through or try downloading a zip file version of GardenCAD (from the downloads page here) which Norton will let through. On other occasions, Norton does not offer any warning; the installation appears to have proceeded normally, but when you try and run GardenCAD, an error message appears "file not found".

Norton probelm


2. Zip file unpacking

If you have asked for a Zip file, once you have received the zip file, you then need to unzip it to uncover our GardenCAD Exe file. To unzip the file, you do need a copy of an unzip program. You may already have WinZIP installed. However, WinZip costs money. You may be able to run a trial version of WinZip to uncover our file. Here is the link to download a trial version of WinZip: If you do not want to use WinZip, make a Google search for 7-Zip a free program that will also do the unzip job. We recommend this latter approach.

3. Error messages
If when you try and install the software, you get some sort of Windows error message, it may indicate a faulty download from your Internet link. Please try downloading the file again and check the size of the file. It might be worthwhile storing the next download trial in a different folder than the one used previously.
4. Registering GardenCAD
If you want to remove the red LITECAD drawing message from the screen, please visit the Shop page to get a user name and activation code.
[Be a little careful if you are using a keyboard with accents and umlaut on characters - better to use simple characters to create your user name.]