Protect Your Work

Your CAD drawings are a valuable store of information and need to be protected.

To protect your valuable information, try and get into the habit of storing all drawings for a particular job in the one folder. If you make a folder called Jobs in My Documents>GardenCAD and store drawings in appropriately named sub folders there, you can  simply copy the Jobs folder to a backup device using the Your Computer tool in Windows or the Finder tool on a Mac. USB drives have high capacity and are most useful for this.

As an alternative, use the services of one of the Cloud storage providers. Many of these (such as DropBox) offer free storage. When your data exceeds the free storage on offer, it is possible to pay a small fee for more space. We highly recommend doing that.

Really good practice (that also makes sense from a design perspective) is to save versions of your design as you work and increment the file name by one each time viz: JobForMrJames01.Vec, JobForMrJames02.Vec, JobForMrJames03.Vec. In that way, you can explore design solutions and revert to an earlier one if a later one is not taking you down the right path.

You may find a  .BAK file as well as the .vec file in the Jobs folder. It is possible to rename a .BAK to a .Vec file and load it. Rename to a file name that differs from the original e.g. Temp.Vec.

Tip  If nothing appears on the screen after a load, even after selecting Zoom Extents, try type REGEN in the command area.