Plant Databases

Plant database

SppDb has been created specifically for landscape designers using GardenCAD and is a tool for storing comprehensive and detailed information about the characteristics of individual plant species that you actually know and work with. It is not a replacement for massive online plant databases. In essence, the software enables the creation of a searchable, personal plant file. Use it to load and filter your own information about familiar plants and refine it as you gain more experience.

Working with GardenCAD

Export a plant list (called a .gcp file) and attach it to a GardenCAD drawing. Use the list in combination with tools in GardenCAD to tag (label) symbols with a  code and automatically generate plant schedules.

Plant lists Movie  Here is a movie that shows how the two pieces of software work together to speed landscape CAD drafting.

Plant tagging

Tip: In addition to storing information about species, the database can also be used to store images and details about hardscape images (such as construction details, furniture, artwork etc.) used to explain concepts to clients.