Create a Story Board

GardenCAD lets you insert (paste) scanned images of hand drawn concepts or photos onto a page. You can then draw on top of those images to create pages for story boards. In the figure below, we have linked the photos to a hand sketch of a 3-D representation of our design on an A1 size sheet to show our intentions for the design to the client. We do this with the GardenCAD's Pages palette. When the client approves the concept, we will use GardenCAD to other pages to show the actual design, together with construction details. This is a very cost efficient way to work with clients. No time is spent on detailed design until the job is won.

Story Board

If you would like to replicate the design above, here are some download links to the images used above:

[The large sketch in the centre of sheet 1]

[The logo at bottom left of sheet 1 - use insert block as this is a GardenCAD file]

Photos of plant species

Detail of how to plant an advanced tree