Simple Courtyard ~ not to scale

Movie Here is a short, high-resolution, movie that shows you how to get started with GardenCAD and get a feel for the way in which the software is used to create a design. Without concerning ourselves with actual measurements, the movie shows step by step, how to create a design for a small courtyard.

To play the movie, a software tool called Windows Media Player needs to be installed. Most Windows computers come with that software pre-installed.

Tip After you download the movie, please make sure the close option in the download box is ticked (not unchecked) otherwise you may well download the file, but not play it. You want the option of selecting Open at the end of the download.

If you cannot play the movie ....

Movie  Here is a link to a (lower resolution) version of the same movie on YouTube. You should not need to install any additional software to play this movie and it should also play on Macintosh computers.