Create GardenCAD Symbol Using Template

Here is a link to a GardenCAD file which can be used as a template when you require a symbol that's not part of the GardenCAD Plant Selector system.

The figure below shows the symbol. The three layers used for GardenCAD symbols are present before you begin to draw and the current layer has been set at L-PLNT-SYMBOL. Basing a new symbol on this template drawing will make sure your new symbol works in the same manner as alll the other GardenCAD symbols.


You might start by truning off the layer L-PLNT-NAME and draw on top of the circle (of diameter 1000 mm).

Movie  Here is a link to a small movie showing how we created a new GardenCAD symbol suitable for a landscaper working in a tropical area. We make a symbol which might represent a fan palm such as Bismarkia nobilis.

Fan palm